Concept Art – The Takedown

As part of the early concept art process, we got our rad artist Alice to do a few potential scenes from The Day After. The first bit of concept art was the street battle.

This next one was illustrating a complicated trio of characters. There is a hidden conspiracy behind the disaster befalling Metropolis. The Hacker wants to find out the truth and release it to the world. The Spy is worried about the greater good and is trying to stop him. The Cop just wants to keep the peace, and is happy to step in against the cocky Hacker. Freedom versus responsibility. Physical might versus mental might. These are interesting dynamics and we wanted to explore them in this picture.

The Day After - The Takedown by Alice Carroll
The Day After – The Takedown

This picture was also a nice way to explore some shading and texturing ideas that we might use in the game.

If you’d like to buy a print, head on over to Cognitive Discodance’s DeviantArt page. Curious about the other excellent work Alice does? Head on over to Alice Carroll Illustration.